Explore the Popular Styles for Wedding Ring Guards

Wedding Ring offers a chance to upgrade your existing Engagement Ring in the most exciting way. Wedding Ring Guards is the way to revamp your engagement ring in a classic way that too without hurting its sentimental values. Furthermore, it is the budget-friendly choice that can redesign your ring without shelling out serious cash from your pocket.

Wedding Ring Guards

ring-guardsA wedding ring guard is an additional jewelry accessory that is specifically designed to renovate the existing style and design of an engagement ring without undergoing any repairing task. Secondly, ring guards work as the protective guard for a ring that protects both sides of the engagement ring. These sorts of bands are available in the customized options as well.

If you have decided to buy wedding ring guards for your would-be bride, then you must be surfing various styles of guards? So, today’s blog is completely for you. Here, we have compiled the few popular gorgeous & stylish Ring Guards that can almost take away the breath of your lady.

It is true that Ring Guards are primarily designed for protection & enhancement purpose, but when it is set with the fine line of diamonds, the level of sparkle we get is just beyond extraordinary beauty. Considering the below 2 major pretty styles that can leave you with the gorgeous options to upgrade your ring:


  • Diamond Solitaire Ring Guard with Diamond

ring-guardsThis ethereal Solitaire Ring Guard from True Romance is created with the 14K White Gold that is embellished with the fine line of small diamonds. These round and brilliant-cut diamonds of weight 0.14 ctw are graded at SI clarity scale. This gorgeous ring guard is available in Platinum and 18K & 14K White, Yellow & Rose Gold. This type of ring guard is easy to clean & maintain.

  • Solitaire Ring Guard with Colored Stones


If your engagement ring comprises colored stones, then worry not, colored stones ring guards are easily available on the market. Many renowned jewelry brands like True Romance offers an extensive array of exquisite colored stone ring guards. Solitaire Ring Guard With Colored Stones is crafted with the 14K Yellow Gold and accentuated with 0.5 ctw colored stones. The feature of this ring wrap is that the stones are placed in guard so perfectly that it adds value to the overall style of the ring.

Where to Buy Perfect Ring Guard

Jewelry world is flooded with many jewelers, who can provide you with the wide range of ring guards. But, to achieve the perfect guard, you need to focus on the certification of the diamonds/stones and metal. Always prefer to buy diamonds or colored stones ring guard that are ethically sourced from the independent gemological lab. True Romance ensure you with the premium-quality Ring Guard.

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This New Year Dive into the world of Halo Engagement Ring


“Buy Diamond Engagement at a budget-friendly price. What!!! Are you kidding or what? Diamond Ring that too at the budget-friendly price, impossible”. No surprise, this can be your obvious reaction, but this is a fact that you can easily buy the diamond engagement ring without going heavy in your pocket. How? Halo Engagement Ring is the answer to your how. It is the second most popular ring after the classic solitaire in the world of the rings.

Halo engagement ring has gain immense popularity among couples not only for its affordability, but this vintage and classic ring exudes perfect brilliance and sparks. The main feature of this ring is that the center stone and other small diamonds will make the ring look bigger.


So, in today’s blog, we will cover each and every information about Halo Engagement Ring, including its type and advantages.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Ring is the setting in which center stone or diamond is embellished with the fine line of small diamonds. These smaller diamonds are lined so perfectly that it not only makes the ring look attractive but also make it look larger. This type of ring can easily add a vibe of classic touch to your style.

Types of Halo Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying halo ring, numerous styles and designs are available. In fact, jewelry market is flooded with different types of halo engagement ring. Let’s explore the different types here:

  • Floating Halo – In this setting, the set of smaller diamonds are set a little below the center stone/diamond. As the center stone is raised above the halo setting, so, this makes your diamond look bigger. This halo ring can add a vibe of the contemporary touch to your hand and make you look gorgeous.
  • Double Halo – As the name suggests, in this ring, the center stone/diamond is encircled with the two halo circles. This double halo setting with the center diamond will give a triple halo effect to your ring and make stone and ring look larger.
  • Flush against the center diamond – In this setting, the smaller diamonds are lined closely around the center diamond that it appears as a single stone.

Why You Should Choose Halo Engagement Rings

Halo rings can not only help you to accentuate your finger, but it also offers you with some long-term benefits.

Halo Engagement Ring is something that never fades out from jewelry trend. This classic and vintage-inspired piece can not only leave you with the amazing experience but also ensures you with the authentic and certified ring.

If you really want to own this stylish Engagement Ring in this coming year, then go for it without any second thought. Explore the exotic collection of Halo Engagement Ring at True Romance.

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Infinity Engagement Ring: Connotation for your Endless Love


The perfect way to symbolize your endless love & unceasing bond is the Engagement Ring. This endless circle of trust inspires couples to move together by holding each other’s hand till their last breath. Love is a miraculous feeling that completely change you and your lifestyle. It is not you, but your heart and mind that fall for everything your lover does. This cute conspiracy of love is so dangerous, that you yourself unaware of that how your loved one become the first thought in the morning and the last thought before you fall asleep. Thus, God has blessed us with the beautiful ways to celebrate this love, Engagement & Wedding.

If you are looking for unique and awe-inspiring Engagement Ring to epitomize your true love and unceasing commitment. Then look no further, simply buy an elegant Infinity Engagement Ring.

Concept of Infinity Engagement Ring


Infinity Ring is the outstanding symbol of love that clearly symbolizes the commitment and never-ending promise. The endless circle of the ring represents that as there is no end of the circle, so, there is no end of love. The concept of the Infinity Ring is derived from the infinity symbol used in mathematical equations. Based on this, every ring is designed in this shape (∞) and hence symbolized as the true epitome to represent the purity of the relation.

Benefits of Buying Infinity Engagement Ring:

  • New Level of Style – Embellished with the awe-inspiring concept & designing this elegant piece can take your style statement to a new level and set you apart in the crowd. Wearing this ring can add a classic elegance to your signature look that is being remembered rather than noticed.
  • Provide you with customized option – Infinity Engagement Ring ensures you with a great opportunity to get your own designed ring. With the help of your jeweler, you can discuss the customized idea of the ring and get your dream infinity engagement ring easily & quickly.
  • Widen Your Designing scope – If you are looking to add colors in your engagement ring, then what else could be the better option than buying an infinity ring. You can also think to embellish your ring with the fine line of colorful gemstones. This can accentuate the complete look of your ring.

Thus, Infinity Engagement Ring is the best way express love and trust in your relationship. Explore more unique designs of Infinity Engagement Ring at True Romance.

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Picking a Ring Insert that Fits and Complements Your Finger


If you are looking to upgrade your Engagement Ring or Anniversary Band, then what could be the better way than buying a Ring Insert. It is one of the best and pocket-friendly way to give a new look to your old looking rings. Ring Insert is designed with additional diamonds and gemstone that accentuate the style and look of your ring.

In today’s blog we will enlighten you on a few important things you should ponder while buying Ring Insert:

1. Style

If you look or search online you’ll find the various styles of Ring Enhancer. One among them is Ring Style. It is one of the popular styles available in a split and double band. In this style of ring enhancer, the center stone or diamond is embellished with other accent small stones and completely encircle the diamond.

2. Shape Matching

Matching the shape is another important consideration. It is important to choose insert shape that complements the shape of your existing ring. Say if you are looking to upgrade your traditionally designed wedding band, then choose the insert that perfectly matches the shape of the solitaire.

3. Metal Type

Choosing the type and color of the metal is completely your choice. Either you go for the same color metal as your wedding band or mix match, but it should complement your skin tone. Make sure that don’t pair two opposite metals like pairing gold with silver can mar the look of your ring. Along with this, you need to look the nature of skin. If you are allergic to specific metal, then avoid metal mixing option. Always select the metal type that is comfortable to your skin.

4. Consider Colored Stones

Usually, people face a kind of dilemma – Is colored stones or Gemstones Ring Insert will accentuate or mar the style of their ring. With regards to this, many renowned designers across the globe clearly state that “wearers don’t have to limit themselves to the diamond.” In fact, the mix of gemstone and diamonds can not only upgrade the look of your old ring efficiently, but it can also accentuate your fingers and draw more attention.

These were the few things or points that you should remember while selecting the ring insert for your Engagement ring or Wedding Band. These tips can help you to acquire the premium-quality Ring Insert without going heavy in your pocket.

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Tips to Select Ring Enhancer for an Engagement Ring

Ring Enhancers is the perfect jewelry piece that enhances the appeal of a solitaire ring. They are specifically designed by sporting more stones and supporting the ring on each side to festoon your solitaire ring. So, if you are planning to buy a ring enhancer for your engagement ring, then read this blog and take care of the following things when buying a ring enhancer.


How To: Selecting an Enhancer for an Engagement Ring

If your solitaire is looking a little lonely, consider adding an engagement ring enhancer.

Maybe you now find yourself in a position to afford a more substantial ring than you could back when you were a young couple. Maybe your taste has changed over the years, and your simple solitaire feels kind of boring these days. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured there are plenty of ways to update your engagement ring and fall in love with it all over again.

Solitaire engagement ring enhancers are designed to work with your existing ring seamlessly. Together, they’ll end up looking like one single, fabulous ring.


Most people opt for additional diamonds to complement their current solitaire. Typically, you’ll be looking at bands with smaller diamonds but more of them. Of course, the total carat weight will determine how much you spend, and it’s never a bad idea to set a budget prior to jewelry shopping. You don’t have to limit yourself to diamonds either. A combination of both diamonds and colored gemstones will draw even more attention to your enhanced band. By the same token, colored diamonds work well as accessories to a solitaire.


The prevailing opinion seems to be that your enhancer should be the same color metal as your engagement band to produce a coordinated and cohesive effect; however, this isn’t mandatory. After all, you’re the one who will wear it and has to love it. Many women do opt for a mix of yellow and white golds, and the look can be quite striking. Pairing gold and silver, however, doesn’t usually work so well, especially since silver requires more frequent cleaning.

Read full post here: http://www.jewelrywise.com/engagement-wedding/article/how-to-selecting-an-enhancer-for-an-engagement-ring

So, if you are looking for a unique & attractive Ring Enhancer for an Engagement Ring, then we, at True Romance have a wide range of Ring Enhancer. Give us a call at 1800-232-2728.

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Rose Gold Engagement Ring: Trending Wedding Jewelry

Along with the happiness and celebration, the wedding brings a lot of preparations with it. The most nerve-racking task included in your trousseau shopping list is finding the perfect Wedding Ring. Choose something chic and classy for your special day to exemplify your true love and commitment.

If we talk about Engagement Ring, Rose Gold Engagement Ring is at the Pinnacle of popularity. The most noticeable feature that it complements every skin tone that accentuates the style of the wearer.


Existence of Rose Gold Ring

The concept of Rose gold came into existence during the rule of the Russian Czars and connoted as a romantic jewelry. It is also known as “Russian Gold”. Later in the 1920s, this piece of jewelry was introduced as part of Trinity Band by the French Jeweler named Cartier. This trinity band comprising 3 Band Ring – Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and White Gold. Rose gold was reintroduced again in the 1940s, during WWII, when the government banned platinum.

Benefits of Choosing Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The Rose gold ring has become immensely popular among couples. Why? There are various benefits that can entice a buyer to choose Rose Gold Engagement Ring:

  • Durability – Rose gold rings are more tenacious as compared to yellow and white gold in terms of durability.
  • Affordable – If you are looking for buying premium-quality wedding ring without burning a hole in your pocket, then Rose Gold Engagement ring is a perfect choice.
  • Vintage Look – If you love to wear old style or vintage-inspired piece, then, rose gold ring is meant for you. It can not only add a vibe of classiness and elegance to your style, but make it more expressive.
  • Romantic Appealing – As pink color symbolizes the true love and togetherness, so the pink hue of the rose gold engagement ring is the perfect romantic connotation.
  • Complement Skin Tone – Rose gold jewelry complements every skin tone and looks amazing both on warm and cool skin tones.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Caring & Maintenance

The Rose gold engagement ring requires utmost care and maintenance alike diamond ring. Keep your ring away from hard hits, scratches, and dings because repairing may take a great tool in your pocket.

When it comes to cleaning, you need to be less cautious. Use lukewarm water and gentle soap and rub your ring gently with a soft hand. Followed by this, rinse your ring carefully in clean hot water and thoroughly it with soft cotton cloth.

Now keep your ring open in the air for half an hour to soak the moisture present at the surface of the stone. Finally, store your ring properly in a jewelry box.

Hope this blog can help you to get the detailed insight into the world of Rose Gold jewelry. Explore the exotic collection of Rose Gold Engagement Ring at True Romance.

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Choosing Ring Guards

Ring enhancers or guards are primarily meant to be worn with solitaire rings for protection and enhancement. However, they may also be used in place of conventional wedding bands.


Ring guards are designed to blend in perfectly with otherwise standalone solitaire engagement rings. This makes them brilliant alternatives for plain wedding bands that may not complement the engagement ring and look a little out of place.

Like ring wraps, ring guards are a type of ring enhancers. As the name suggests, they enhance engagement rings by adding more stones, providing support and emphasizing the charm. Ring guards usually sit below the solitaire ring while ring wraps wrap around it, providing support from both above and below. All types of enhancers hold the ring in place and prevent it from rolling over during sweaty, hot weather.


When buying ring guards, it is advisable to go for one size larger. Resizing a ring guard is very difficult and a task rarely performed. Buying ring guards a tad larger than your ring size makes room for minor adjustments and ensures a proper fit for both the ring and the center stone.

You may or may not want the metal to match that of your engagement ring.


The usual and most obvious choice is to go for the metal that either matches or complements the metal on your ring.


This is where it gets a little tricky. If you get the size wrong, the ring guard is basically just done for as it’s extremely rare for a ring enhancer to be conducive to resizing owing to its bifurcated design. When considering the right size, it’s okay to opt for a tad larger than the size of your engagement ring. As ring guards are meant to be worn in combination with other rings, it can accommodate for larger sizes but getting one even slightly smaller than the right size is a big no.


The shape and size of the center stone(s) plays an important role in choosing the right ring enhancer. The one you choose should be able to accommodate the shape of the stone without undue wear.

Visit True Romance today at 619 East Palisade Ave, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, call 1800-232-2728 for more information.



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